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Chapter 1 - Fluid Properties Solved Problems

Fluid Mechanics - Fluid Properties

Set No.1






    • Question No.6





  • Question No.10

Chapter 2 - Fluid Statics Solved Problems

Fluid Mechanics - Fluid Statics

Set No.1






Chapter 3 - Buoyancy & Floatation Solved Problems

Fluid Mechanics - Buoyancy

Set No.1








Chapter 4 - Fluid Kinematics Solved Problems

Fluid Mechanics - Fluid Kinematics

Set No.1

    • Question No.1


    • Question No.2




Chapter 5 - Momentum Principle thesis on romeo and juliet Solved Problems

Fluid Mechanics - Momentum Principle

Set No.1






Chapter 6 - Applications on Fluid Flow Solved Problems

Fluid Mechanics - Applications on Pipe Flow

Set No.1 - Applications on Laminar & Turbulent Flows








Set No.2 - Pipe Flow Applications