Pipe2CAD – Importing Sewage Network into AutoCAD (Tutorial 1)

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Pipe2CAD – Importing Sewage Network into AutoCAD (Tutorial 1)


Pipe2CAD is an AutoCAD add-on freeware for pipe network design that is used to carry out pipe interference check and produce well formatted plan views and longitudinal profiles. Pipe networks data can be imported from hydraulic modelling applications in several formats including text files, shapefiles, and epanet (*.inp). Pipe2CAD provides a fully dynamic editing environment through AutoCAD where you can modify the geometric properties of network elements. The crossing points between pipes are instantaneously checked and annotated to indicate the vertical clearance at each point, so interferences and clashing points can be easily identified. Pipe2CAD draws longitudinal profiles of pipelines with full geometric data bands which can be customized using profile styles. Finally, you can download the Pipe2CAD Template for this tutorial at the end of the post. Let’s start with our tutorial.

Objectives of Pipe2CAD Tutorial 1

  • Exporting Shapefiles from Bentley SewerGEMS
  • Opening Pipe2CAD Template in AutoCAD 2007
  • Importing Sewage Network Shapefiles into Pipe2CAD
  • Viewing Imported Network in AutoCAD 2007
  • Editing Sewage Network Style in Plan
  • Creating Longitudinal Profiles in Pipe2CAD
  • Editing Longitudinal Profile Styles

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