Water Supply System Modelling using WaterGEMS (Darwin Calibrator)

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Water Supply System Modelling using WaterGEMS (Darwin Calibrator)


Water Supply System Modelling (Tutorial 4) - Darwin Calibrator Tutorial

WaterGEMS has the ability to use measured field data to calibrate a model. In many cases, data that are entered into the model are an approximation or guess. When the model results do not match field data, then parameters in the model are adjusted. Also, using the Darwin Calibrator and field data, we can locate potential differences between the real network and the model that could be caused by problems in the system (blockages, closed valves, etc.).

Objectives of WaterGEMS Tutorial 4 :

  • Using Pipes & Junctions Flex Tables
  • Performing Steady State Analysis
  • Using Darwin Calibrator
  • Defining Tank Data (Elevations, Diameter & Inactive Volume)
  • Defining & Assigning Pump Definitions

Problem Statement

Adjust the Hazen–Williams C factor (roughness factor) for pipes P-2, P-1, and P-8 for the pipe network from Tutorial 3. During the field measurements, the tank level was 3.93 m, the pump was off, and a hydrant with a measured flow of 3400 L/min at junction 7 (J-7) was opened to increase the head loss in the pipe network. The measured field data are shown in the following table :

Junction Pressure (kPa)
J-7 296.0
J-6 406.5
J-1 263.5
J-2 327.0

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