Chezy Formula

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Chezy Formula

Chezy Formula

By definition there is no acceleration in uniform flow. By applying the momentum equation to a control volume encompassing two sections 1 and 2, distance L apart, the Chezy formula is derived :

\[V = C\sqrt {R{S_o}} \]

where :

V : Average flow velocity through cross section

C : Chezy coefficient coefficient which depends on the nature of the surface and the flow

R : Hydraulic radius (R = A/P). R is a length parameter accounting for the shape of the channel. It plays a very important role in developing flow equations which are common to all shapes of channels.

So : Longitudinal bed slope (dimensionless)

The French engineer Antoine Chezy derived Chezy formula in 1769.

The dimensions of Chezy coefficient C are :

\[{L^{1/2}}{T^{ - 1}}\]

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